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CD Versus MP3

If you have created an audio production (or if you’re planning on creating one) you might be wondering if you should sell it as a digital download, a physical CD or both. You’re probably already aware of how popular iTunes and other digital music providers have become, but where do MP3 sales really stand in […]

Choosing A Microphone

A more accurate title for this article might have been “Choosing a microphone for voice-overs”, since these recommendations are specifically aimed at people who want to record a spoken word or singing performance and then blend it with music. This is not a guide for those who wish to record musical instruments. My number one […]

Protecting Your Copyright – Essential Facts

If you have created an audio production, it’s natural for you to want to protect it from illegal copying and distribution, so what must you do to ensure that it’s properly protected? It might surprise you to know that once your audio production is complete, it’s already protected! Most people mistakenly believe that their work […]


“After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963) Psy•cho•acous•tics / adjective: A branch of science dealing with the perception of hearing and sensations produced by sound. As a composer, whenever I create royalty free meditation music I always take the principles of psychoacoustics into account. Essentially, […]

Recording a Voiceover – Tips & Techniques

Getting a fantastic vocal recording requires the right equipment and the right technique. Pay close attention to these simple tips and you’ll not only improve the sonic quality of your recordings, you’ll also improve the way you express yourself vocally. Tip 1. Choose a microphone that was designed for voice recording As mentioned in this […]

Recording Equipment Requirements

So you want to create your own audio production without the help of a professional studio? In this day and age, it’s more achievable than ever. This article will introduce you to the equipment you will need in order to record your own voiceover, mix it with music and then create a finalized audio file […]

Recording your voiceover – professional studio or D.I.Y ?

Recording a Voiceover? Start Here If you are in the process of creating any type of audio or video production that includes spoken word, then getting a top quality voiceover recording will be essential to your success. For many people, the whole idea of recording a voiceover is a bit daunting. It’s one of those […]

Resolving YouTube Copyright Notifications

If you use royalty free music to make a YouTube video, it’s inevitable that at some some stage you will receive a “Copyright Notice” from YouTube. It will probably arrive in your YouTube video manager page in the form of a text notification titled “Matched Third Party Content”. Everyone seems to receive these kinds of […]

Royalty Free Binaural Beats – Insider Insight

An explanation of binaural beats, how they are used to enhance meditation & relaxation, and how we use them to create royalty free binaural music. When a sound reaches your ears, your brain instantly works to determine where that sound came from from. If your hear a noise that originated slightly to your left, then […]

Royalty Free Brainwave Entrainment Music – Information

What is brainwave entrainment music? Most of our Royalty Free Brainwave Entrainment Music uses an audio technology known as “binaural beats”. These binaural beats are used in such a way that they bring about desirable changes in brainwave activity, so as to induce a state of meditation and deep relaxation. When played with headphones, you […]

Selecting Royalty Free Hypnosis Music

By Christopher Lloyd Clarke, composer and founder of Royalty Free Meditation Music.com. Occasionally I’m asked, “What is the difference between royalty free hypnosis music and royalty free meditation music?” Perhaps you might have pondered this very question yourself. Both styles of music have the same ultimate purpose – to help guide the listener into a […]

The Oster Curve

The Oster Curve was defined by Gerald Oster – one of the modern day pioneers of research into the effects of binaural beats. In his well known publication “Auditory Beats in the Brain” (Scientific American, 1973) he identified that the effectiveness of binaural beats can be optimized by presenting them to the listener at specific […]

White Noise Music

By Christopher Lloyd Clarke, composer and founder of Royalty Free Meditation Music.com White noise is an incredibly effective sound-source for encouraging deeply relaxed states of consciousness and it has a number of therapeutic benefits, for example: It can help to cure insomnia, which makes it fantastic for guided relaxations for sleep. It can be used […]