Royalty Free Nature Sounds

Our royalty free nature sounds are captured in high definition with top quality microphones and digital recording equipment. All are original and exclusive sound recordings that were recorded in person by our composer and director, Christopher Lloyd Clarke. They can help to bring guided visualizations to life by adding a realistic environmental soundscape to your recordings. They are also often used as an alternative to music and can also be used to bring some relaxing natural sounds into your workplace. These relaxing nature sounds can be combined with any music (including music from other royalty free music companies) to add an environmental atmosphere to any audio or video production.

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Babbling Brook

We searched far and wide for the babbliest brook we could find. Deep in the forest we found it, winding its way between rocks and fallen trees. You'll also hear a touch of forest birdsong in this recording - just enough to add a sense of space and three-dimensionality the the sound of the landscape.

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Birdsong in the Woods

This natural woodland soundscape was recorded on a windless afternoon in early spring.

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Crackling Fire

An intimate and detailed recording of a open fireplace. Unlike the sound of a bonfire or forest fire, which can be deafening and destructive, this recording is far more cosy and gentle.

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Deep Forest Waterfall

What makes a waterfall sound like a waterfall, and not just a wall of noise? "Shhhhhhhhhhhh...."

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Lapping Lakeshore

This lake has no name. It is almost too small and too remote for anyone to notice, and if it wasn't for some some serious off road driving and an exhausting hike we never would have found it.

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Mystical Marshland

In the minutes just prior to sunrise this marshland is abuzz with animal activity. This unusual recording features four different species of frogs, all doing their best to outcroak one another. Frog sounds dominate this recording and they continue throughout, while native birds add their song occasionally.

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Rain on a Tin Roof

A comforting sound if ever there was one. I recorded this rain from two perspectives: outside the house beneath the overhang of the roof, which yielded a very fresh, wet rain sound, and secondly, inside the house, which provided a more distant, mellow sound.

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Rainforest Waterways

We took recordings from dozens of locations along a rainforest waterway and blended them into one seamless sonic experience, from invigorating waterfalls, to trickling streams, to gushing gullys and everything in between.

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Rocky Island Beach

Rock, sand, sunshine and surf. You'll feel cleaner, fresher and more relaxed just by listening to this recording. Heck - you might even get a tan! On this particular beach we were greeted by some large coastal birds. Their occasional calls add another dimension to this natural soundscape.

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Shorebreak at Sleepy Bay

Secluded, pristine and untouched. A visit to Sleepy Bay on the southern coast of Tasmania is like a trip back in time to a prehistoric era.

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We captured this rain recording near a lake in the late afternoon. No thunder, no wind. Just a calm, sunlit day. As the clouds rolled in and rain started to fall, a rainbow appeared on the horizon. It might sound cheesy, but it really was one of those picturesque days.

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Timeless Ocean Surf

Recorded during the early hours of the day at the world renowned Bells Beach on the southern coast of Australia. These ocean waves have a nice weight to them - not too heavy, not too weak, and they have quite a soft tonality that blends really nicely with music.

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Tropical Island Paradise

This lovely soundscape was captured on the fringe of a protected nature reserve. The ocean waves have a soft tonality as I was positioned about 50 metres back from the beach, but the forest birdsong is clear and present.

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Windy Alpine Tundra

After a long drive we finally reached our destination, officially known as "The Middle of Nowhere". The only indicator that humans had ever set foot in this place was the remains of an old cattle fence which had rusted down to a single wire.

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