By Christopher Lloyd Clarke, composer and founder of Royalty Free Meditation

Occasionally I’m asked, “What is the difference between royalty free hypnosis music and royalty free meditation music?” Perhaps you might have pondered this very question yourself.

Both styles of music have the same ultimate purpose – to help guide the listener into a state of deep relaxation and to open their mind to positive suggestions. In my experience, there is no clear line that differentiates between free meditation and hypnosis music, however I have noticed that there are differences in the preferences of various practitioners. These differences seem to vary according to their area of expertise, and according to the way in which they intend to use the music.

Here is just one (very broad) example.

A spiritual guidance counsellor who is creating a guided meditation for “opening the heart to love” (for example) is perhaps more likely to favour royalty free music that is emotional – maybe a track that contains beautiful choirs and light bell sounds.

In contrast, a hypnotherapist who is looking for traditional royalty free hypnosis music may favour music that is less emotional and less colourful. If the goal is not to inspire, but to entrance the listener, then music that is less melodic may be preferred. Perhaps music that consists of a soothing wash of drones and might be used, as opposed to a track that contains flutes or bells (some of the sounds that are sometimes associated with “new age” music).

There really are no rules when it comes to selecting music for meditation or hypnosis. Every hypnosis recording is different. Every guided meditation recording is unique. To blur the lines even more, it’s worth remembering that many meditation teachers are also qualified hypnotherapists, and many hypnotherapists/psychologists also teach meditation!

When people ask me to help them choose specific tracks for their recordings I often give them the following advice…

Really take your time and listen to a variety of different tracks in the Relaxation Music category and let your intuition guide your choices. I know that it can seem easier to have someone make the choice for you, but I believe that it’s always better if you can tune into a variety of tracks and observe your own personal reactions to them. After all, it’s your voice, your message and your energy that will blend with the music, so you will always be the best judge of which music is going to be the best fit for each recording you make.

Just about every single track in the Relaxation Music category will work for your guided meditation and hypnosis recordings, so it really comes down to your own personal preference. You’re spoilt for choice and you can’t make a mistake if you limit your options to this specific category of music. Remember, on this website you don’t have to wade through any Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop and so on. The options here are limited in a very deliberate and purposeful way, which makes it much easier to find music that will work beautifully for hypnosis and meditation recordings.

It’s quite common for people to start with an idea in their mind as to what music they might want, but then they hear a particular track that really reaches them and takes them in a direction they did not expect at first. This can be a really enjoyable process, and one that can only be experienced if you take the time to listen to a number of tracks. Also, keep in mind that if you are not sure about how your voice will sound with a certain track, you can always download the previews and experiment with mixing your voice with them before you purchase anything.

Of course, if you find the process of music selection too difficult or if you just need someone to help you make final decisions I’d be more than happy to help. You can always reach out for support. I’ve helped so many different therapists and healers create their own special recordings, here are just a few of their modalities…

Life coaches, reiki healers, psychologists, flower essence practitioners, crystal healers, sound healers, meditation coaches, NLP practitioners, spiritual counsellors, personal development consultants, herbalists, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, breathworkers, homeopaths, masseurs…and of course, hypnotherapists.

At Royalty Free Meditation we offer a wonderful selection of royalty free hypnosis music and meditation music.
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