Royalty Free Binaural Music

These deeply relaxing music productions are all available in very long durations. We’ve enhanced each one with brainwave entrainment frequencies, like binaural beats and isochronic tones. This helps to encourage certain states of consciousness, from light alpha relaxation, to deep theta, or down deeper still into delta sleep. You’ll find that our royalty free binaural music is perfect for guided meditation and hypnosis recordings. In addition, it’s also well suited to live hypnotherapy treatments (theta frequencies recommended, and sleep aids (delta frequencies recommended). If you would like further information about our royalty free binaural music, please explore these articles:
In depth information about the brainwave entrainment principles we employ in our music.
A quick overview of binaural beats and how they affect the mind.

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Adrift makes a wonderful backdrop to hypnosis, relaxation therapies and to audio productions that require gentle music that won’t take centre stage.

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When I composed Ascension, I set out to achieve a very specific goal – to create a piece of music that strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and inspiration, music that seeks to uplift the listener to an elevated state of consciousness while remaining utterly tranquil. Did I accomplish my goal?

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Sculpted white noise sounds blended with Tibetan singing bowls, celestial choirs and pure bells. Constellation will transport you to a place that is beyond all thought and emotion. Perfect for deep transcendent meditation, hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming.

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Crystal Rain

Crystal Rain is a musical work of extraordinary peacefulness and purity. It’s hard to imagine a more serene combination of sounds – gentle rain combined with the hauntingly beautiful tones of quartz crystal singing bowls.

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Enlighten Me

Enlighten Me was inspired by the monastic life of Zen masters. It’s a tribute to those rare enlightened beings that spend their days in deep meditation and wandering the candle-lit halls of some far away temple.

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Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth opens with an earthy, grounding tone – a sound that was created by stroking the strings of an acoustic guitar with a cello bow.

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There is no "fat" in this music. No excess. Just the pure essentials...swirling white noise, the constant hypnotic drone of the binaural beats, and a gentle wandering melody that was created with a bowed glass instrument.

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Letting Go

The heartwarming, ethereal and serene sound of choirs recorded in a gigantic cathedral. This composition moves very slowly and gently, and never strays too far from its main theme.

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Mystic Dawn

Mystic Dawn has an enchanting, mystical atmosphere. It’s a very textural, multi layered composition with an organic, dreamy vibe. It's very comforting. Very nurturing. This is the kind of music you can play for hours on end and just sink into. Magic time.

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Ocean Waves

The delightfully relaxing sound of ocean waves lapping gently and rolling onto the shore. A long time favourite for lovers of nature sounds.

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Om Mantra

The vibration produced by the sound of Om chanting is said to correspond with the original vibration that first arose at the time of creation.

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Pure White

No music – just the soothing sound of slowly swirling white noise that gently absorbs your attention without prompting any particular emotional response.

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Soothing Winds

The sound of a gentle breeze rustling through nearby trees and grasses. Simple, soothing and a great way to drown out the chatterbox in your mind.

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The Essence of Peace

The Essence of Peace features the beautiful sound of a concert harp. The harp repeats an hypnotic, peaceful phrase that provides a mantra-like foundation to the soft sounds that float above it. Very Zen.

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The River of Zen

The tranquility of a Zen master’s lifestyle is captured in this soulful and exotic performance. You can just imagine him sitting there by the river, draped in robes, his fingers dancing across the strings of his harp in perfect harmony with the natural world around him.

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The Temple Gardens

Deep in the forest, hidden from the world, a wise old sage rests quietly in the gardens that encircle an ancient temple. His eyes closed, he plays a wooden flute as wind chimes sway gently in the breeze. The Temple Gardens captures the feeling of this magical place.

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Tribal Eve

For thousands of years, tribes have used rhythmic percussion sounds to enter trance-like states. With this tradition in mind, Tribal Eve was created.

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Untold Depths

Like the nature of mind itself, Untold Depths is without borders, without defined structure, without limitation.

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