If you use royalty free music to make a YouTube video, it’s inevitable that at some stage you will receive a “Copyright Notice” from YouTube. It will probably arrive in your YouTube video manager page in the form of a text notification titled “Matched Third Party Content”.

Everyone seems to receive these kinds of third party content matches from time to time, so you should not worry if this happens to you. Having said that, you should not leave the copyright notice unattended either.

These notifications are automated…

YouTube uses automated software (usually not a real person) to scan the content of many videos and if it detects that the music in your video is the same as some music that is used in a video that belongs to a third party, it may automatically initiate a copyright claim and place a notification in your video manager.

As I already mentioned, these copyright notifications are common. In all honesty I have received these notifications on videos that feature music that I composed and produced with my own hands! Thankfully it’s not difficult to eliminate these notifications.

A quick word of reassurance

Copyright notifications can be a bit unsettling as they make fool you into thinking that you have breached copyright law by using music in a way that is somehow illegal. Please let me reassure you with the knowledge that if you have purchased royalty free music from us then you DO have the right to use it in YouTube videos. In other words, the “Matched Third Party Content” notification is a false claim, but you must address it anyway or else…

For further information about how to deal with these notifications (and make them go away!) please refer to this article at our parent website: