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Meditation, Hypnosis & Healing Websites

The Guided Meditation Site
Visit this site for plenty of great resources, such as guided meditation scripts, and loads of information about how to create a guided meditation.

If you don’t like bombarding your body with pills and aggressive medicines, explore these amazing natural cures and health remedies that empowers your body to heal naturally.

The internets largest esoteric, spiritual, 2012 and metaphysical database! Begin or expand your spiritual journey and awakening with in5d. A highly recommended website wiith free meditation tools!

Relax and Sleep.com
Relax and Sleep – Helping you get the sleep you need.

An in-depth site with loads of great articles and software on yoga and meditation.

A fantastic spiritual directory.

Royalty Free Music Resources

Primary Elements
Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music library for use in Youtube videos, software, games, television, music on hold and background music for a web page.

Royalty Free Music from All Music Library
The highest quality royalty-free, buyout, and production music tracks available. All music from All Music Library comes with an UNLIMITED royalty-free license at a very competitive price.

Enlightened Audio – Coming Soon
The future home of all our royalty free music.

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